1. ACD Gies Ethics Project


In October 2014 the Board of Regents of the American College of Dentists approved a major project to advance ethics in dentistry. The project is expected to be highly interactive and result a book-length report and recommendations in 2017.

The project will follow the format of the 1926 Report on Dental Education in the United States and Canada authored by William Gies. It will be data-based, solicit broad input, and contain few but very broad recommendations.

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1.  Why Ethics Matters                                                         A.  Ethical Priming

2.  Dental Practice                                                                 B.  Justifiable Criticism

3.  A Few Bad Actors                                                           C.  Simulating a Moral Community

4.  Levels of Ethics                                                                D.  Disciplined Licenses

5.  Ethical Behavior                                                              E.  Ethics Cases

6.  Organizations as Ethical Agents                                  F.  Survey of Ethics Educators

7.  Ethics Education                                                            G.  Knowledge of ADA Code

8.  How to Enhance Morality

9.  Challenges

10.  Moral Leadership

Report #4, Q3 2015

Data on dentist and patient ethics
Collecting data by interviews and surveys

Support Documents


These materials may be of use in further study.

Public and professional reaction to eight ethical situations:
Gies Study of Dentist and Patient Ethics

Insight into the study method used by Flexner and Gies:
Carnegie Foundation on Flexner’s Methods

William M. Sullivan’s insightful study of the crisis in professionalism (summary):
Work and Integrity: The Crisis and Promise of Professionalism in America

From recent Carnegie Foundation study of the professions (summary):

Carnegie Report on Medicine